Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Louisiana  Photo credits to minou of Weather Underground.  Thank you Mara!!!
Illinois  Photo credits to Kris of Relish the Journey blogspot.  Thank you Kris!!!

Yosemite  Photo credits to got2dogs of Weather Underground.  Thank you Susan!!!
Florida  Photo credits to Debra of Celebrate Life Gallery.  Thank you Debra!!!

N. California  Photo credits to svlover of Weather Underground.  Thank you Lori!!!
I invited these photographers to submit a photo of their choice because of their inordinate camera skills, eye for detail......and passion.  Plus they tolerate my jokes.  I've watched their work for 3+ years and come to enjoy their style, subjects and online friendship, although this is the first time I've seen their work in high resolution. GREAT FUN and I hope they will all agree to do it again!  

Thank you guys!!!!

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