Friday, June 28, 2013


My garlic sauce recipe, for the above and accrued over years of trial and error, is a closely guarded family secret.  However, failures can have other advantages and/or uses..... if you attempt to duplicate my garlic sauce:  

  • Leather softener:  Brush sauce over saddle, or similar leather product, allow to set for two days and wipe with a clean cloth.  ( Inferior leather dyes could be affected and require re-touching. )
  • Paint/varnish stripper:  Brush sauce over surface, allow to set for two hours and rinse with garden hose.  Perform all cleanup per EPA bio-hazard standards.  
  • Engine block cleaner:  Bring engine up to operating temperature, pour sauce over engine.  Continue driving.
  • Bronchitis/sore throat/chest colds:  Brush sauce onto one side of a large bandanna and fold brushed side inward.  Tie bandanna around your neck just before bedtime.  
  • Weed killer:  Dilute sauce with 10 parts water and spray over weeds.  Avoid flowers and woody plants.