Monday, September 5, 2011


I have received some feedback stating the Terry Badlands post took a very long time to load and view.  My apologies for the delay and for being a novice blogger, I hope it was worth the wait!  It loads almost instantly for me and I assumed the same applied to everyone, however I may try some other things, like resetting sizes smaller………. if users can still click to enlarge.  

There exists enormous variables, like some using dial-up service, 24 Mp cameras, 12” monitors, 24“ monitors, etc.  I could resize photos to 800 x 640, but I won’t.  I could serialize one post over several days, but I won’t.  And kudos to Google for offering bloggers the ability to showcase photos in all their splendor, albeit too costly for photographers running a galley as a sideline.   I don’t have a galley, but I still believe copyright laws should be observed and enforced!!!!!!!!   

All that being said, I’ll experiment with reducing viewing time, but I make no promises.  Nor can I promise down-loaders won’t ingest a bad virus -- be it this site or another site!