Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The other day, in a rare pensive moment, I realized I haven’t enjoyed a hot pizza in over 20+ years.  I came to this realization, or divine afflatus, after walking my two large, thick-crust pizzas with sausage, pepperoni and green pepper out to the truck....…. then deciding I was too hungry to endure the aroma, while driving the 40-odd miles home, so I treated myself to a couple slices -- right there in the parking lot.  Aside from being very hot, it was also very good, perhaps “excellent” would be a better word.  I’d forgotten how good hot pizza truly is!  Hot pizza is twice as good as microwave pizza, and microwave pizza is only slightly better than no pizza.  At the risk of appearing a little eccentric, I might park a lawn chair in the parking lot the next time I go out for pizza.  

So how do we become creatures of habit, always driving pizza home so it can be micro-zapped later into the consistency of shoe leather, instead of enjoying the family friendly atmosphere of Pizza Hut’s décor, ambiance and surround-sound TV with every conceivable ESPN channel know to man?

The “family friendly” label really means no smoking, but you may encounter kid mayhem from an adjoining booth.  Why don’t they shut-up and enjoy the pizza and games on TV…….or go jump on that air thingy in the next room?  

In a perfect world, I’d have a Pizza Hut upstairs apartment, the part not over the rubber room, complete with room service.  At best, I might tolerate slow room service!  

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  1. Good for you for thinking - and eating - outside the box! If you figure out how to break the bonds of our habits, let me know. Please!! There'll be a pizza in it for you!