Wednesday, August 7, 2013


6/24 -- A door was left open at a local business; officers investigated a caller’s complaint about property being strewn about.

6/24 -- Officers assisted a caller with concerns about a dead skunk.

6/24 -- A Caller reported cattle on the road.  Dispatch contacted the probable stock owner.

6/24 -- An officer responded to a call about horses in the road and assisted with moving them.

6/25 -- A caller reported a lost set of keys.

6/26 -- Officers assisted a stock owner in corralling an escaped bull.

6/26 -- A caller reported cattle on the road.

6/26 -- A caller reported fireworks being set off behind a residence.  An officer responded but was unable to locate the person.

6/27 -- Dispatch assisted a driver with filing a deer collision report.

6/27 -- An officer assisted a caller with unlocking a vehicle.

6/27 -- An officer spoke with a person over concerns about a Facebook page.

6/28 -- A couple of callers reported loose horses in Greycliff.  An officer found the horses’ probable escape route and notified the owners.

6/28 -- Dispatch located a landowner whose flood irrigation system was leeching into a subdivision.

6/28 -- An officer assisted a caller with a locked vehicle.

6/29 -- An officer ticketed an intoxicated person outside a local establishment.

6/29 -- Dispatch assisted a caller who needed their water shut off.

6/29 -- Two callers reported missing dogs, which were later found.

6/30 -- Dispatch fielded two calls about loose dogs.

( editor’s note:  Undoubtedly repeat offenders and habitual criminals.  Is it time to adopt the 3-strike law?  

Will the lawless days of the old west never end?  Some are calling our town “Little Chicago”.  )  

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