Thursday, April 11, 2013


I was enjoying a quiet smoke outside my favorite eatery, when I heard a voice with a heavy  German accent say “do any of those butts on the street belong to you”?  I immediately sensed some latent menopausal hostility looking for a beef, so I simply replied “probably”.  She said “well, it looks terrible”!  I was certainly right about the beef part, because this woman wore two ax handles that couldn't disappear from my view fast enough!  If butts are offensive, this was a walking crime spree!

I’ll quit smoking when women start wearing “wide load” signs, or learn to curb their comments.  I could spend half an hour on any street corner with a camera and see enough over-sized butts to keep this blog active for a month.  Perhaps a few butts, especially those with attitudes, should really see themselves as other people see them.  


  1. Cowards!
    Update: the city swept the streets, so I'm no longer public enemy #1. I've been demoted to a common public nuisance. Fannie Axhandles still retains her title -- some problems are too big even for the city!

  2. Well, I wouldn't say anything to you about smoking, but if I did it would be in a melodious Swedish accent.

    [nervously adjusting my Wide Load sign . . . ]

    Live and let live, that's me! As long as you don't dis my dog, of course. :D

  3. Relish; Is Omar, the tent maker, your favorite designer? Only butts that inspire "uffda" comments will be considered. I may be able to squeeze you in as Ms October.

  4. A Lutefisk calendar? Woohoo, count me in! Polish up your wide-angle lens!

    Omar was my designer for years, but he has no imagination. My current favorite is Christo: