Thursday, March 1, 2012


Resolution of the city of Forsyth, Montana adopting a fingerprint, criminal background and personal evaluation investigating policy:

WHEREAS, the fingerprint and criminal background check may be required of the applicant in the following covered positions;

  • Administration Dept -- Clerk Treasurer, Deputy Clerk Treasurer and Utility Clerk Cashier
  • Pool Dept -- Manager, Part Time Manager and Life Guards I, II, III, IV
  • Public Works Dept -- Director, Operator/Laborer I, II, III, IV; Transfer Station Operator, & Animal Control Officer
  • Water and waste-water Dept -- Director, Operator/Laborer I, II, III, IV
  • Volunteers


Why does the list exclude the mayor and aldermen positions??? Well, because they make the rules!  Does anyone believe the mayor and aldermen are not guilty of nonfeasance???  

The mayor has, on several occasions, complained that he only makes $.35/hour, so he more or less considers himself a volunteer……..and volunteers are on the list.   The aldermen make $30 per council meeting.  ( Personally, I think they are all grossly overpaid!!! )  Did they not know the pay scale when they “volunteered” for the jobs??? Yet, they keep volunteering every election, which more or less makes them career criminals!  

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